We Are Not Closed!

COVID-19 and How It Will Affect Our Shops.

Due to the current pandemic, we will be limiting the amount of people in our shops to artists and clients only. The Weld County Department of Health and Environment recommends a max of 10 people gathered in one place at a time. If you have or show ANY symptoms of illness please reschedule your appointment and do not visit our shops. Please be courteous of the general public’s safety.


Kold Ink


807 17th St. Unit E. Greeley,Co 

Whether you are looking to start your sleeve or get your very first tattoo don’t just go anywhere, come to the place where the person putting this permanent artwork on you is professional and cares about this piece just as much as you, from sponsored artists to elite piercers, we want to be your choice for body art in Northern Colorado! At Kold Ink we are a family of body modification artists, there is not a day you come into this shop where you will not find laughter and smiles!  We are also here for all of your smoking needs, we carry an assortment of elegant bongs, pipes and nectar collectors! So come in and enjoy the Kold Ink experience!


Ekho Studio


2760 8th Ave. Garden City, Co


Social Society Tattoo Collective

(970) 284-2036

119 N. 2nd St. La Salle, Co 

Social Society Tattoo Collective is a custom tattoo studio much like its Sister Shops Ekho and Kold Ink. It prides itself on not just giving you a tattoo but providing a welcoming and state of the art atmosphere for your self expression. From the moment you walk in the door until the time you leave, we want you to have the best experience possible!